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The state of Jammu & Kashmir was the second, next only to the state of Mysore in having hydro power as far back as 1905 when first hydro power plant Mohra was commissioned. Jammu and Kashmir Power Development Department (JKPDD), presently headed by Development Commissioner (Power) was established in 1970 to look after all the functions of power sector viz. Generation, Transmission and Distribution. However, Generation was later unbundled and corporatized in 1995. Presently JKPDD is looking after Transmission and Distribution (T&D) functions only. These functions have been further entrusted to various wings of the department. Two Electric Maintenance and Rural Electrification (EM&RE) wings look after the distribution in Jammu and Kashmir provinces. Two more System and Operation (S&O) wings look after the Transmission in these two provinces. Besides, there are three more wings namely, Planning & Design (P&D), Procurement & Material Management (P&MM) and Commercial & Surveys (C&S) which support EM&RE and S&O Wings.

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Power Maps and Single Line Diagrams of various grid stations now available on the site.

JKPDD gearing up to provide online payment service to its consumers.

JKPDD on route to centralized billing under R-APDRP. Data Center at Bemina to host all billing data in future.

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